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Universal Apps

Whilst everyone is more than happy to use a Windows based device for most of the heavy lifting, the mobile workspace requires a more elegant touch. The mobile workforce have taken to Apple (largely due to quality) and Android (largely due to cost) devices for mobile work.

This decision point has meant that any applications have to be developed cross platform. The amount of applications out there to date that can render documents from libraries are many. But very few of them offer a responsive design approach that only native applications can give.

We can take any web solution and tailor it to fit in the mobile space in any way you'd like. Whether you wish to have a completely custom application, or something that is made to integrate with SharePoint, Sitecore, or any other system, we can help.

We have specialized in creating such experiences for all platforms allowing our customers to give their mobile workers the solution they deserve while using the platform they desire. We can develop your solution to work natively (and responsively) on all major platforms and have successfully built apps for our customers (deployed via the various app stores) for:

iOS (All Apple Devices)

Android (All Google Devices)

Fire (All Kindle Devices)

Universal Apps (All Universal Apps Including Windows 10 and Xbox)

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