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Secure Code Reviews

We make it our top priority to audit and review our code throughout the development process. For all apps and projects developed internally, we use a DevOps methodology that includes ensuring regular review and test steps.

Sundown can help your organization by providing additional testing and code reviews with a specific mind towards security conciousness to help mitigate risks involved in your development projects.

The global average cost of a data breach is $3.62 million.

-IBM - 12th Annual Cost of Data Breach Study

Web application developers continue to struggle with issues such as privilege escalation errors that have been well documented and well understood for years, suggesting that old habits truly die hard in the software industry. We have several Certified Ethical Hackers on staff to help oversee our standard solution architecture.

This allows us to leverage our security team and our development team together when designing solutions. Our security team is used to working in tandem with developers and spotting not only system holes, but also weaknesses within code patterns.

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