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Web Application Penetration Testing

Sundown Solutions' Certified Ethical Hackers can analyze your applications and provide an audit of potential vulnerabilities, as well as performing a full battery of active test to attempt to break through your defenses.

We currently focus on testing applications, instead of general network penetration testing. We look for code vulnerabilities, underlying system misconfigurations, privelage escalations, accessible interops to other systems, and much, much more.

72% of web apps that have at least one encapsulation flaw

-HPE Security - Cyber Risk Report 2016

The rush to meet customer demands for new functionality is taking a toll on mobile application security, a survey of 640 developers has found. Nearly four in ten of the respondents said their organizations do not scan for mobile application vulnerabilities. Mobile apps are tested only infrequently for security issues and often too late.

Mobile applications continue to remain dangerously buggy. In the 2015 Trustwave Global Security Report, studying 574 breach investigations, a staggering 95 percent of all mobile apps recently tested for security weaknesses were vulnerable. About 35 percent had critical issues, while 45 percent had what were considered high-risk security issues.

Sundown Solutions can actively check your web & mobile applications to keep your company and your clients' data secure.

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