Yellow Bracelet

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The Yellow Bracelet is a project aimed at people who currently have a domiciliary package of care.

  • Domiciliary care providers upload details of their care packages on to a highly secure back end platform.
  • Sundown Solutions' systems then generate a specific GUID for that package and a subsequent individual QR code for that package.
  • A medical yellow wrist band is printed off and sent to the relevant care provider.

  • On the next visit to the service user, the care worker places the person's bracelets inside their care package file and places a Yellow sticker on the inside of the door.
  • The ambulance services are fully briefed: if they see a yellow sticker, to take the bracelet and put it on the right wrist of the patient if a conveyance is necessary. However, they are also able to view the QR code to gain details of the care package in order to enable a fully informed risk assessment. This may invoke an alternative action rather than to convey the person. The process is the same for ICT and district nurses.
  • When the patient arrives at A&E (or a ward), hospital staff will be able to scan the Yellow Bracelet QR code using their registered device and receive basic, non-PII data about the patient's care package and direct contact details for their care provider. Enabling them to communicate information in real-time, healthcare professional to healthcare professional.