Digital Workplace Transformation

Having both commercial & public sector experience across medium and large enterprise organizations, we work with your organization to develop a benefits-led approach and plan, which can then orchestrate and automate your migration to cloud.

Implementing innovative new services, managing and executing user adoption & training to develop internal IT capabilities, we help organisations like yours achieve better results, drive lower costs and improve security and resilience, then help you operate and run the service thereafter.


  • Cost reduction, reduced complexity coupled with significant innovation
  • Allowing organisations to take control of their own IT
  • Accelerated delivery approach underpinned by our significant experiential capability
  • Experience of transforming both Medium / Large Ent Commercial & Public Sector clients
  • Experience of migrating away from large vendors & SI's
  • Experience of migrating legacy apps to latest cloud platforms through DevOps approach
  • ADKAR Practitioners deliver business change & UA, with MCT's to help Improve Skills, Capabilities and Culture across the org
  • Improved Efficiency and Responsiveness to changes; services flexibility and quality

The introduction of new technologies and their operation has a profound impact on the business users using their new digital platform, but also the IT organization managing it.

At Sundown, we are changing the way transformations are delivered. By working hand in hand with your team we create an effective program team and engage the business through effective communications and education.

Sundown has developed our own transformation products to enhance our ability to transform workplace environments and streamline your project. From discovering and understanding the current environment, to the migration of users, we have a toolset to automate the task and keep the project rolling without surprises.

When combined with our consultancy knowledge and experience we can provide a process that is seamless to end users, and gets your organization where you want to be.