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Cybersecurity Services

With more and more data being digitized and the growing demand for universally accessible applications, it is no surprise that security breaches are becoming more common. Organizations are increasingly needing to be on guard and proactive in their IT defenses.

Let Sundown Solutions help you stay in control of your data with our premier security services. We partner with top security solution providers and have top tier information security resources available to help you get piece of mind.

  • MalwareBytes
  • McAfee
  • Sophos

Data breach activity skyrocketed in 2017 to 1579 breaches. That's up 52% from 2016.

-Identity Theft Resource Center - 2017 Annual Data Breach Year-End Review

We have several Certified Ethical Hackers on staff to help oversee our standard solution architecture as well as for executing specific audits and penetration testing excercises.

Since a significant amount of data exposure results from misconfigured or poorly secured cloud servers, we have aligned our internal processes to not only build the best solutions, but also review every step to ensure you not only secure existing solutions, but you also avoid implementing risks.

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Secure Code Reviews

Web application developers continue to struggle with issues such as privilege escalation errors that have been well documented and well understood for years, suggesting that old habits truly die hard in the software industry.

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Penetration Testing

95 percent of all mobile apps recently tested for security weaknesses were vulnerable. About 35 percent had critical issues, while 45 percent had what were considered high-risk security issues.

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Security Audits

Organizations without a vulnerability management program often have a harder time detecting, assessing, prioritizing, and remediating security weaknesses compared to those that do have one. Yet a new report shows that only about one-half of all organizations have a formal vulnerability management program.

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