Bed State Tracker

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In this modern digital age, Delayed Transfers of Care is costing the NHS an estimated £820m per year and delays in discharging patients from hospitals in England have risen nearly a third in over two years. The main reasons are delays in getting a home care package or nursing home placement. At we tackle this issue head-on by providing a simple and effective bed state tracker, allowing homes to update their bed states in real time - from any device.

This allows discharge coordinators to deal directly with homes that have current live vacancies in the selected area. There are no costly setup fees or long delivery times, once your CCG, LA, or relevant authority is signed up, utilization of the system is immediate. The fully responsive system can be used from any device with an internet connection (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows) at any time.

All the non-PII data is kept on location in our English datacentres and secured using our very own UK patented Sundown Encryption. It has been designed, created, tested and deployed in conjunction with a local CCG and very specific subject matter experts to ensure it fulfils its sole purpose, which is to track nursing home bed states in real time to help the NHS reduce delayed transfers of care.

The system is easy, fast, reliable, accurate, and highly cost effective. Interested? Then why not sign up for a no obligation demonstration or even better come on one of our webinars to see what all the fuss is about.